Interested candidates should submit their details to be the first to hear about opportunities to join next year’s programme

University of Exeter recruiting for key degree apprentice programme

The University of Exeter is seeking the next generation of digital prodigies to join its pioneering degree apprentice programme.

The University launched the innovative Digital and Technology Solutions programme, the first of its kind at Exeter, earlier this year with the first cohort of apprentices joining in September.

The students, employed by IBM, Renishaw and Beran Instruments, amongst others, are working towards a BSc (Hons) degree in IT for Business over four years through a combination of residential, online and work-based learning.

Now, the University is recruiting the next group of high-calibre, industry-focused students to join the programme in September.

Dr Simon McGinnes, the Programme Lead said: “The syllabus has been set out by employers to meet real business needs, and, with smart use of e-learning, the Exeter course has been designed to minimise impact on employers’ day-to-day business.

“Our students will get to hone their skills by applying at work what we teach them on the course—as well as what they learn on the job. The degree apprenticeship really does offer a win-win; the apprentices are able to study for their degree at an excellent institution, at no cost, and our employers can develop their IT professionals to give them the skills they really need and to make them truly effective.

The University has teamed up with a host of internationally renowned businesses to collaborate with over the course of the programme in 2017/18, including IBM, Aspidistra and Blue Chip, amongst others.

Current student Lucy Spiteri-Beale, a Software Apprentice with Renishaw PLC explained the benefits of the programme. Lucy said: “Being able to learn on the job while also learning at university is great.

“As the course has progressed I’ve found that the knowledge is beginning to overlap and is reinforcing my learning on both sides. I’ve also learnt a lot about time management - you have to make sure you keep on top of everything, which at times can be challenging, like with any degree.”

All apprentices do not incur the usual tuition fees paid by undergraduates, with their education co-sponsored by their employers and the Government.

The programme is administered by the Department of Computer Science, in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences (EMPS).

Expressions of interest from prospective degree apprentices are now being taken for the 2017 cohort. Interested candidates should submit their details here to be the first to hear about opportunities to join next year’s programme

Date: 14 December 2016

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