Our scientists are engaged in internationally recognised research across the disciplines.

Our degrees are designed to prepare students for employment in a wide variety of professional careers. 

The College is equipped with world class facilities for teaching and research.

We are dedicated to ensuring an excellent student experience, with a supportive learning environment. 

About us

The College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences undertakes exemplary teaching and research across a number of complementary scientific disciplines. Each discipline explores opportunities to support and enhance our other subjects, providing exciting interdisciplinary research and innovative approaches to teaching. 

Our areas of expertise cover Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Physics and Astronomy at the Streatham Campus in Exeter, with Geology, Mining and Minerals Engineering and Renewable Energy at the Cornwall Campus. The College is continuing to invest approximately £8m in facilities and academic staff over the next 2 years;  £1.5m in Physics facilities, £3m in the Harrison Building for the development of the atrium, and the balance in academic staff across the two campuses. 

Undertaking globally critical research

Our scientists are active in internationally-recognised research across the disciplines, advancing knowledge in established fields, such as astrophysics and pure mathematics, alongside novel developments in emerging areas such as graphene applications, additive layer manufacturing and renewable energy. We are committed to undertaking research that will help to tackle some of the biggest problems of the 21st century: modelling climate change, sustainable urban water supply, malaria diagnosis, new optical imaging techniques to treat brain disease, and bomb-proof materials.

We play a pivotal role in four of the five key interdisciplinary research themes within the University's Science Strategy: climate change and sustainable futures, extrasolar planets, functional materials and systems biology.

Research-led teaching enhanced by strong industrial links

We are dedicated to ensuring an excellent student experience, both in the quality of the programmes offered and the supportive learning environment provided. Our programmes benefit from outstanding research-led teaching and strong links with industry, with many programmes maintaining professional accreditation for many years. Strategic advice is provided by our Strategic Advisory Board.

Our degrees are designed to prepare students optimally for employment or further training in a wide variety of professional careers. The discipline-specific and generic skills and experiences that are highly sought by employers are embedded into our programmes and supported by numerous associated opportunities provided by the University. There is an exceptionally wide range of activities to develop your CV, from business placements and management training to the UK’s largest volunteering programme and one of the most active Students’ Unions in the country.

Exemplary facilities

The College provides world class facilities on both the Streatham Campus in Exeter and Cornwall Campus. These include 3D visualisation and rapid prototyping, an automated QEMSCAN scanning electron microscope, thermodynamics and energy labs, a £1m supercomputer, ultra fast lasers, nano-fabrication, and an astronomical observatory.

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