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Camborne School of Mines
Professor Jens C. Andersen Assoc. Prof. of Economic Geology, Director of Research
Dr Ian Bailey Senior Lecturer and Undergraduate Geology Programme Director
Catherine Bissett Senior College Administrator/PA to Head of CSM
Professor John Coggan Professor of Rock Engineering
Dr Rich Crane Lecturer in Sustainable Mining
Dr Penda Diallo Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Matthew Eyre Lecturer in Mining Engineering Intelligent Mining
Dr Robert Fitzpatrick Lecturer in Minerals Processing
Professor Patrick Foster Associate Prof in Mine Safety, Director Education
Professor Hylke J Glass Rio Tinto Professor of Mining and Minerals Engineering
Aveen Hameed Lecturer in Mining and Geological Education (E&S)
Professor Stephen Hesselbo Professor of Geology
Dr James Hickey Lecturer in Geophysics and Volcanology
Professor Karen Hudson-Edwards Professor in Sustainable Mining
Dr Sam Hughes Associate Lecturer in Geology and Surveying / Deputy Directo
Dr Hannah Hughes Lecturer in Exploration and Mining Geology
Professor Kip Jeffrey Head of Camborne School of Mines
Dr Sev Kender Senior Lecturer in Geology and Deputy Director of Research
Roz Knight Technician and Field Support Worker
Dr Kate Littler Senior Lecturer (Education and Research) in Geology
Dr Lewis Meyer Senior Lecturer in Mining Engineering
Dr Kathryn Moore Senior Lecturer in Critical and Green Technology Metals
Kim Moreton Lecturer, Education & Scholarship
Dr John Morton Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering/Hydrogeology
Dr Laura Newsome Lecturer in Applied Geomicrobiology
Dr Robin Shail Senior Lecturer in Geology and Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
Benedikt Steiner Senior Lecturer and MSc Programme Director in Exploration and Mining Geology
Dr Declan Vogt Lecturer - Robotic and Automated Mining
Professor Frances Wall Professor of Applied Mineralogy
Dr Andrew Wetherelt Programme Director and Senior Lecturer for BEng/MEng Mining Engineering
Paul Wheeler Programme Director for MSc Mining Engineering; MSc Applied Geotechnics and MSc Geotechnical Engineering. Senior Lecturer in Mining
Professor Ben Williamson Associate Professor in Applied Mineralogy
Neill Wood Programme Director for MSc Surveying and Land/Environmental Management
Computer Science
Dr David Acreman Senior Research Fellow
Dr Khulood Alyahya Lecturer E&R
Dr Rudy Arthur Lecturer in Data Science
Dr Hugo Barbosa Lecturer in Human Dynamics and Urban Systems
Dr Federico Botta Lecturer in Data Science
Professor Achim D. Brucker Chair in Cybersecurity
Dr Hongping Cai Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Jacqueline Christmas Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Dr Tinkle Chugh Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Matthew Collison Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Fabrizio Costa Lecturer in Data Analytics
Dave Dann Associate Lecturer
Dr Leon Danon Senior Lecturer in Data Analytics
Dr Riccardo Di Clemente Lecturer in Data Science
Dr Anjan Dutta Lecturer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning (E&R)
Huw Evans Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Professor Richard Everson Professor of Machine Learning
Professor Jonathan Fieldsend Professor in Computational Intelligence
Professor Alberto Arribas Herranz Associate Professor in Computer Science (E&R)
Dr Jia Hu Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Dr Avon Huxor Associate Lecturer
Professor Edward Keedwell Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Dr Ke Li UKRI Future Leaders Fellow and Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Dr Lorenzo Livi Lecturer in Data Analytics
Dr Chunbo Luo Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Diego Marmsoler
Dr Daniel Maxwell Lecturer in Computer Science
Professor Ronaldo Menezes Professor of Data and Network Science
Professor Geyong Min Chair in High Performance Computing and Networking
Tessa Moore University Mentor
Dr Alberto Moraglio Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Dr Marcos Oliveira Lecturer in City Science & Analytics
Dr Nicolas Pugeault Senior Lecturer in Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Alexander Richardson-Hall
Dr Anastasios (Tassos) Roussos Lecturer in Computer Science (E&R)
Dr Sareh Rowlands Lecturer in Data Science (E&R)
Wenjie Ruan
Dr Vladimir Ryabov
Michael Saunby Lecturer
Victoria Thomas Lecturer
Julian Vizor
Dr Johan Wahlström Lecturer
Dr David Wakeling Senior Lecturer
Professor Hywel Williams Associate Professor in Data Science
Dr Yulei Wu Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
Dr Konstantinos Agathos Lecturer
Dr Mohammad Akrami Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering (PhD, FHEA, PMP)
Dr Halim Alwi Senior Lecturer
Professor Mustafa Aziz Associate Professor in Electromagnetism
Dr Anna Baldycheva Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer) in Electronic Engineering
Hannah Barnard Associate Lecturer in Natural Sciences and Postgraduate Researcher
Professor Mike Belmont Professor in Marine Dynamics
Professor James Brownjohn Professor of Structural Dynamics
Professor David Butler FREng Head of Engineering
Dr Sean Carroll Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering
Professor Albert S. Chen Associate Professor of Water and Human Environment
Dr Junning Chen Lecturer (E&R)
Avalon Cory Lecturer in Design and PBL
Dr Corrina Cory Senior Lecturer in Engineering and Entrepreneurship
Professor Monica Craciun Professor in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Professor Slobodan Djordjevic Professor of Hydraulic Engineering
Dr Kate Dunne Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Matt Eames Senior Lecturer
Professor Christopher Edwards Professor in Control Engineering
Professor Ken Evans Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean
Professor Raziyeh Farmani Associate Professor
Professor Guangtao Fu Professor of Water Intelligence
Professor Oana Ghita Professor in Materials and Manufacturing and Deputy Director of Exeter Technologies Group
Fiona Gleed Lecturer (E&S)
Dr Naihui He Lecturer in Engineering Management
Dr Timothy Holsgrove Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics and Bioengineering
Ceri Howells PhD Researcher (WISE CDT)
Professor Gino Hrkac Personal Chair in Applied theoretical and computational Solid-State Physics
Professor Akbar Javadi Professor of Geotechnical Engineering
Professor Zoran Kapelan Professor of Water Systems Engineering
Professor Nicola King Associate Dean for Education
Dr Ki Young Koo Senior Lecturer
Dr Prakash Kripakaran Senior Lecturer
Dr Yang Liu Senior Lecturer
Dr Julian Londono Monsalve Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering (E&R)
Dr Martino Luis Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Isaac Luxmoore EPSRC-UKRI Innovation Fellow and Senior Lecturer
Aileen MacGregor Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Dr Maria Rosaria Marsico Senior Lecturer Structural Engineering PhD, PFHEA, PFASPIRE, Past RIBA Chair, Chartered Architect
Dr Peter Melville-Shreeve Research Fellow
Professor Fayyaz Ali Memon Professor of Sustainable Water Systems
Dr David Moxey Senior Lecturer in Engineering (E&R)
Professor Geoffrey Nash Director of Natural Sciences
Dr Ana Neves Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering
Dr Anna Katharina Ott Lecturer
Professor Prathyush P Menon Associate Professor
Dr Evangelos Papatheou Lecturer
Professor Aleksandar Pavic Professor of Vibration Engineering
Professor Paul Reynolds Professor of Structural Dynamics and Control
Dr Lalita Saharan Research Fellow
Professor Dragan Savic FREng Professor of Hydroinformatics
Professor Christopher Smith Professor
Charlie Statham Senior Lecturer (E&S)
Professor Voicu Ion Sucala Associate Professor in Engineering Management
Professor Gavin Tabor Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics
Mi Tian Lecturer
Dr Raffaele Vinai Lecturer in Civil Engineering
Dr Khurram Wadee Senior Lecturer
Dr Dong Wang Lecturer in Engineering & Entrepreneurship
Zhongdong Wang Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean
Freddie Withers Lecturer in Electromagnetic and Acoustic Materials
Professor C. David Wright Professor of Electronic Engineering - Head Nano-Engineering Science and Technology Group - Co-Director EPSRC CDT in Metamaterials - Co-Director Centre for Metamaterials Research & Innovation
Dr Yongde Xia Senior Lecturer in Functional Materials
Dr Miying Yang Lecturer in Engineering Management (E&R)
Professor Philippe Young Synopsys Chair of Computational Mechanics
Dr Baris Yuce Lecturer in Engineering Management (E&R)
Professor David Zhang Professor of Manufacturing Systems
Professor Shaowei Zhang Professor
Shuya Zhong
Professor Yanqiu Zhu Chair of Functional Materials
Professor Meiling Zhu Chair in Mechanical Engineering
Dr Dibin Zhu Senior Lecturer in Energy Harvesting and Power Management
Professor Stana Zivanovic Associate Professor (E&R)
Dr Ozgur Akman Senior Lecturer
Dr Hamid Alemi Ardakani Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Julio Andrade Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics
Professor Peter Ashwin Professor
Professor Mark P. Baldwin Professor of Climate Science
Dr Robert Barham Lecturer in Mathematics
Professor Bob Beare Associate Professor Mathematics
Professor Mitchell Berger Professor
Dr Christian Bick Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Professor Vadim N Biktashev Professor
Dr Niklas Boers Senior Lecturer in Mathematics (E&R)- Global S
Professor Roman Borisyuk Professor in Mathematics
Professor Nigel Byott Associate Professor of Pure Mathematics
Dr Mark Callaway Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Jennifer Catto Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Robin Chadwick Lecturer (E&R) (GSI)
Professor Peter Challenor Professor
Dr Robin Chapman Senior Lecturer
Professor Mat Collins Professor of Climate Change
Dr Barrie Cooper Co-Director of Education (Mathematics & Comput
Professor Peter Cox Professor - Climate System Dynamics
Dr Jen Creaser MRC Research Fellow
Dr Saptarshi Das Lecturer in Mathematics (E&R)
Dr Valentina Di Proietto Lecturer in Pure Mathematics
Dr Theo Economou Senior Lecturer in Statistical Science (E&R)
Dorottya Fekete Lecturer in Data Science and Statistics
Dr Christopher Ferro Senior Lecturer in Statistics
Dr Claire Foullon Senior Lecturer
Professor Pierre Friedlingstein Chair, Mathematical Modelling of Climate Systems
Professor Andrew Gilbert Professor
Dr Marc Goodfellow Senior Lecturer
Dr Layal Hakim Senior Lecturer in Mathematics (E&S)
Dr Anna Harper Lecturer, Climate Science
Professor Jim Haywood Professor of Atmospheric Science
Dr Jacqueline Herbert Teaching Assistant
Dr Andrew Hillier Proleptic Senior Lecturer
Professor Mark Holland Associate Professor
Dr Tim Hughes Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Henri Johnston Senior Lecturer
Dr Tim Jupp Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark Kelson Senior Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Frank Kwasniok Senior Lecturer
Dr F Hugo Lambert Senior Lecturer
Professor Andreas Langer Professor
Dr Stephen J. Maher Lecturer
Dr James Manners Lecturer (E&R)
Dr Gihan Marasingha Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Dr Joanne Mason Senior Lecturer
Dr Doug McNeall Lecturer in Global Systems
Dr Houry Melkonian Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Markus Mueller Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
Dr Daniel Partridge Lecturer in Atmospheric Science (E&R)
Dr James Rankin Maths Lecturer
Dr Mario Recker Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics
Dr David Richards MRC Career Development Fellow, Senior Lecturer
Dr Niall Robinson Senior Lecturer in Global Systems (E&R) (GSI)
Dr Ana Rodrigues Senior Lecturer (Education and Research)
Professor Mohamed Saidi Professor of Pure Mathematics
Professor Adam Scaife Professor
Professor James Screen Associate Professor in Climate Science
Dr William Seviour Senior Lecturer
Professor Gavin Shaddick Chair of Data Science & Statistics
Dr Jemma Shipton Lecturer in Mathematics (E&R)
Professor Jan Sieber Associate Professor
Dr Stefan Siegert Lecturer
Professor David B. Stephenson Chair in the Statistical Modelling of Weather and
Professor Peter Stott Professor
Dr Stephen Thomson Lecturer
Professor John Thuburn Professor
Professor Stuart Townley Professor in Applied Mathematics
Professor Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova Professor of Mathematics for Healthcare
Dr Jimmy Tseng Senior Lecturer (E&R)
Professor Nadine Unger Professor
Professor Geoffrey Vallis Professor
Dr Jamie Walker Lecturer - Mathematics
Dr Kirsty Wan ERC Starting Grantee, Senior Lecturer
Dr Helen Webster Lecturer in Global Systems
Dr Kyle Wedgwood MRC Research Fellow, Lecturer
Dr Daniel Williamson Senior Lecturer
Professor Beth Wingate Professor
Dr Ben Youngman Lecturer
Professor Keke Zhang Professor
Physics and Astronomy
Professor Janet Anders Associate Professor in Quantum Theory
Professor Isabelle Baraffe Head of Astrophysics, Professor of Astronomy
Professor Bill Barnes Professor of Photonics
Professor Matthew Bate Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics
Dr Jacopo Bertolotti Senior Lecturer (Education and Research)
Professor Matthew Browning Associate Professor
Dr Chris Brunt Lecturer in Astrophysics
Professor Gilles Chabrier Professor of Astronomy
Dr Alex Corbett Senior Lecturer in Fluorescence Microscopy (E&R)
Dr Luis A. Correa Lecturer
Professor Clare Dobbs Professor in Astrophysics
Dr Fabrice Gielen Research Fellow
Dr Stephen Green Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Dr Thomas Guillet Senior Research Fellow
Professor Tim Harries Head of Physics and Astronomy
Dr Jennifer Hatchell Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics
Dr Raphaëlle Haywood Lecturer in Physics & Astronomy
Professor Euan Hendry Professor
Dr Steven Hepplestone Lecturer (E&R)
Professor Alastair P Hibbins Professor in Metamaterial Physics; Director of Center for Metamaterials Research and Innovation and EPSRC CDT in Metamaterials
Professor Robert J Hicken Professor of Condensed Matter Physics
Professor Sasha Hinkley Associate Professor
Dr David Horsell Senior Lecturer
Dr Simon Horsley Senior Research Fellow
Dr Eric Hébrard Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics
Dr Daniel Kattnig Senior Lecturer (E&R)
Professor Stefan Kraus Associate Professor in Astrophysics
Professor Volodymyr Kruglyak Associate Professor of Physics
Dr Oleksandr Kyriienko Lecturer
Dr Pablo Loren-Aguilar Lecturer in Astrophysics
Dr Eros Mariani Senior Lecturer
Professor Sean Matt Associate Professor of Astrophysics
Professor Nathan Mayne Associate Professor in Astrophysics and Planetary Climates
Dr Jude Meakin Senior Lecturer
Professor Julian Moger Chair in Biophotonics
Dr Wolfram Möbius Research Fellow
Professor Tim Naylor Norman Lockyer Professor of Astrophysics
Professor Feodor Ogrin Associate Professor
Professor Francesca Palombo Associate Professor in Biomedical Spectroscopy
Dr Peter Petrov Senior Lecturer
Dr Dave Phillips Associate Professor
Dr Annette Plaut Senior Lecturer
Professor Mikhail (Misha) Portnoi Associate Professor
Professor Saverio Russo Associate Professor
Professor J Roy Sambles Professor of Experimental Physics
Dr Andrey V Shytov Lecturer
Professor Christian Soeller Chair in Physical Cell Biology
Professor Gyaneshwar Srivastava Professor of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
Professor Nick Stone Professor of Biomedical Imaging and Biosensing
Dr Sharon Strawbridge Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Dr Alan Usher Reader in Physics
Professor Frank Vollmer Professor
Professor Pete Vukusic Professor of BioPhotonics & Associate Dean for Education
Dr Charles D H Williams Senior Lecturer
Professor C Peter Winlove Professor of Biophysics
Renewable Energy
Professor Mohammad Abusara Associate Professor in Control and Power Electronics
Dr Ian Ashton Lecturer in Offshore Technology
Professor Richard Cochrane Associate Professor for Renewable Energy
Professor Peter Connor Associate Professor in Sustainable Energy Policy
Dr Adam Feldman Senior Lecturer (Education & Scholarship)
Dr Aritra Ghosh Lecturer
Dr Justin Hinshelwood Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)
Professor Lars Johanning Professor of Ocean Technology
Professor Xiaohong Li Professor in Energy Storage Technology, Director of Global Development
Professor Tapas Mallick Professor & Chair in Clean Technologies
Dr Ajit C Pillai Lecturer in Autonomous Systems and Robotics
Dr Helen C M Smith Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy
Dr Senthilarasu Sundaram Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy
Dr Asif Tahir Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy
Professor Philipp Thies Associate Professor in Renewable Energy (E&R)
Dr Xiaoyu Yan Senior Lecturer in Energy and Environment