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Mathematics plays a fundamental role in many aspects of modern life, providing the underpinning language and tools for a wide variety of disciplines and technologies. At Exeter, students will encounter a wide variety of mathematics covering pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and computation, and will be given the opportunity to explore applications in high-impact fields including climate, healthcare and industrial challenges.

As a department, we combine a breadth of academic expertise with a caring and supportive learning environment. We provide high quality teaching, supervision, pastoral care and learning opportunities designed to challenge and bring out the very best of our students' intellectual and personal skills.

Professor Geoffrey Vallis, Head of Mathematics

Latest news

Climate pledges ‘like tackling COVID-19 without social distancing’

Current global pledges to tackle climate change are the equivalent of declaring a pandemic without a plan for social distancing, researchers say.

Pioneering new Joint Centre for Excellence in Environmental Intelligence announce leadership team

The Joint Centre for Excellence in Environmental Intelligence has appointed its inaugural leadership team.

Recent global warming trends are inconsistent with very high climate sensitivity

Research published this week in Earth System Dynamics reports that the most sensitive climate models overestimate global warming during the last 50 years.

Surface clean-up technology won't solve ocean plastic problem

Clean-up devices that collect waste from the ocean surface won't solve the plastic pollution problem, a new study shows.

Business consultant launches confidence course for women in science

Business consultant and author Sadie Sharp is working with 100 scientists, the majority female, to help them build their confidence in a male-dominated sector. 

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Colloquia and seminars

Wednesday 07 Oct 2020[Seminar] TBC

Lisa Bugnet - CEA Saclay, Paris

Reomte seminar 14:00-15:00

Wednesday 21 Oct 2020[Seminar] TBC

Jacob Luhn - Penn State University

Remote seminar 14:00-15:00

Wednesday 04 Nov 2020[Seminar] TBC

Luan Ghezzi - Observatorio do Valongo, Rio de Janeiro

Reomte seminar 14:00-15:00

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