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Mathematics plays a fundamental role in many aspects of modern life, providing the underpinning language and tools for a wide variety of disciplines and technologies. At Exeter, students will encounter a wide variety of mathematics covering pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and computation, and will be given the opportunity to explore applications in high-impact fields including climate, healthcare and industrial challenges.

As a department, we combine a breadth of academic expertise with a caring and supportive learning environment. We provide high quality teaching, supervision, pastoral care and learning opportunities designed to challenge and bring out the very best of our students' intellectual and personal skills.

Professor Geoffrey Vallis, Head of Mathematics

Latest news

High-profile event showcases pivotal role Environmental Intelligence plays on road to ‘net-zero’

The pivotal role that Environmental Intelligence will play in delivering the UK’s ‘net zero’ ambitions will be showcased in a high-profile special event, later this month.

Rainfall in the Arctic may soon be more common than snowfall

More rain than snow will fall in the Arctic – and this transition will occur decades earlier than previously predicted, a new study reports.

Environmental Intelligence commitment at COP26

The Met Office and the University of Exeter have signed a landmark collaboration agreement at COP26, formally committing to further grow the work of the Joint Centre for Excellence in Environmental Intelligence. 

Exeter academics on list of top researchers

Twenty-two University of Exeter academics have been named on an annual list of highly cited researchers.

High-impact climate events: Better adaptation through earlier prediction

The prediction of high-impact climate phenomena can be substantially improved by a new mathematical approach that analyses the connectivity and patterns between geographical locations, scientists say in a new publication.

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Colloquia and seminars

Wednesday 26 Jan 2022TBA

Thomas Howarth -

4th Floor physics + remote 14:00-15:00

Friday 28 Jan 2022Route to Hyperspectral Terahertz Microscopy via Nonlinear Ghost-Imaging

Marco Peccianti - University of Sussex

Newman Red 12:30-13:30

Friday 11 Feb 2022Ultrafast quantum interference in strong-field laser-matter interaction

Carla Figueira de Morisson Faria - UCL

Newman Red 12:30-13:30

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