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Events and colloquia

Wednesday 27 Jan 2021Stellar interactions & transients

Silvia Toonen - University of Birmingham

Remote seminar 14:00-15:00

Thursday 28 Jan 2021SpeedFactories: Global Dual Sourcing Under Correlated Demand

Stephen Disney - University of Exeter, Business School, Centre for Simulation, Analytics, and Modelling

Zoom 14:30-15:30

Friday 29 Jan 2021Towards applying Quantum Topological Data Analysis to the CMB

Ismail Akhalwaya - IBM Research | Africa

Online 12:30-13:30

Tuesday 02 Feb 2021Network Inference Based on Mutual Information Rate

Chris Antonopoulos - University of Essex Meeting ID: 910 8995 5296 Password: 183833 13:30-14:30

Friday 05 Feb 2021Astronomy contributing to development: Retrospective and future perspective

Carolina Ödman - University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Online 12:30-13:30

Thursday 11 Feb 2021Network based operational modelling of whole healthcare systems and their operations

Sean Manzi - University of Exeter, College of Medicine and Health

Zoom 14:30-15:30

Tuesday 16 Feb 2021An introduction to multi-fluid convection

Dr. Will McIntyre - University of Exeter

Zoom 13:30-14:30

Tuesday 23 Mar 2021Spin-torque Nano-oscillators and Neuroscience

Frank Hoppensteadt - Arizona State University Meeting ID: 951 6048 9520 Password: 193168 13:30-14:30