Events and colloquia

Monday 20 May 2019Dynamics Seminar

Greg Stephens - Vrije, Amsterdam

H209 14:30-15:30

Wednesday 22 May 2019[Seminar] Adventures in High Angular Resolution Astrophysics

Dr Michael Sitko - University of Cincinnati and Space Science Institute, Boulder

4th Floor, Physics Building 14:00-15:00

Thursday 23 May 2019NT Seminar: Large values of Maass forms with (p-adic)-analytic origin

Edgar Assing - University of Bristol

Harrison 209 14:30-15:30

Wednesday 05 Jun 2019[Seminar] Impacts, Habitability and Abiogenesis on Exoplanets

Dr Paul Rimmer - University of Cambridge

4th Floor, Physics Building 14:00-15:00

Wednesday 05 Jun 2019Inspiring Science Inaugural Lecture (June)

Professor Gavin Shaddick, Head of Mathematics, University of Exeter -

TBC 09:00-17:00

Wednesday 05 Jun 2019CEMPS Engineering Seminar

Professor David Zhang, University of Exeter -

Harrison 170 13:30-14:15