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Events and colloquia

Tuesday 07 Dec 2021Control-based Continuation A new paradigm for testing nonlinear systems

Ludovic Renson - Imperial University

Harrison 101 13:30-14:30

Tuesday 14 Dec 2021Equidistant and non equidistant pulsing dynamics in an excitable microlaser subject to delayed optical feedback

Soizic Terrien - Laboratory of Acoustics of Le Mans University Meeting ID: 981 2853 5238 Password: 561487 13:30-14:30

Friday 28 Jan 2022Route to Hyperspectral Terahertz Microscopy via Nonlinear Ghost-Imaging

Marco Peccianti - University of Sussex

Newman Red 12:30-13:30

Friday 11 Feb 2022Ultrafast quantum interference in strong-field laser-matter interaction

Carla Figueira de Morisson Faria - UCL

Newman Red 12:30-13:30