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Honorary staff and visitors

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Camborne School of Mines
Professor Gregor Borg Honorary Professor
Dr Christopher Bryan Senior Lecturer
Dr Simon Dominy Honorary Associate Professor
Dr Mirko Francioni Honorary Lecturer in Mining Engineering
Dr David Gibson Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Professor Richard Herrington Honorary Visiting Professor
David Hudson Honorary Associate Research Fellow
Professor Judith Kinnaird Honorary Professor
Dr David Kossoff Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Dean Millar Honorary Professor
Dr Charlie Moon Honorary Senior research Fellow
Dr Saeid Moradi Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Christopher Page Senior Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Robert Pine Emeritus Professor of Geotechnical Engineering
Professor Kalvala Srinivas Reddy Honorary Professor
Professor Peter Scott Professor Emeritus of Industrial Geology
Professor Michael Searle Honorary Professor
Professor Douglas Stead Honorary Visiting Professor
Dr Matthew Tonkins Postdoctoral Research Associate
Computer Science
Dr Joshua Myrans Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Derek Partridge Professor Emeritus
Kathie Treen
Adam Brownjohn Visitor
Professor Philip Nelson Honorary Professor
Professor Xu Wang Royal Newton Research Fellow
Dr Atheer F. Al-Anbaki EMPS Visiting Scholar
Professor Ruth Allen Honorary Professor
Dr Kourosh Behzadian Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Josef Bicik Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Trevor Bishop Honorary Professor
Professor Trevor Bishop Honorary Professor
Ozum Calli
Dr Rosie Cobley Honorary University Fellow
John Collum
Professor Tom Davies Emeritus Professor
Professor Christina Doyle Honorary Professor
Professor Orazio Giustolisi Honorary University Fellow
Dr Joseph Grima Honorary Professor
Aurora Gullotta Visiting Postgraduate Researcher
Dr Timothy Harper Honorary University Fellow
Dr Hasan Hayat Honorary Research Fellow (now at SPECIFIC, Swansea)
Dr Robert Hodgson Honorary University Fellow
Tom Inglis
Dr James Lau Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Ed Maunder Honorary Fellow
Dr Wayne Miller Honorary University Fellow
Thato Mokoma Visiting Postgraduate Researcher
Dr Mark Morley Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Paul Moss
Professor Robert Pond Honorary University Fellow
Dr Michele Romano Honorary Research Fellow
Professor Steven Senior Honorary Professor & Entreprenuer in Residence for the Royal Society
Yuefeng Shao
Tracey Stark
Professor Zoran Vojinovic Honorary University Professor
Professor Godfrey Walters Professor Emeritus
Professor Xiaochang Wang Honorary Professor
Dr Miying Yang Senior Lecturer in Engineering Management (E&R)
Kit Yardley
Dingkun Yin Visitor
Dr Cao Yutao Visiting Academic
Dr Jinjun Zhou Visiting Research Fellow
Professor Trevor Bailey Emeritus Professor of Applied Statistics
Dr Irina V. Biktasheva Honorary Senior Lecturer
Professor Steve Brooks Honorary Professor
Richard Clement Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Suparna DuttaSinha Royal Society- SERB Newton International Fellow
Pezhman Ebrahimzadeh
Dr Veronika Eyring Honorary Visiting Professor
Professor Birgir Hrafnkelsson Honorary Visiting Professor
Professor Ian Jolliffe Honorary Visiting Professor
Professor Wojtek Krzanowski Emeritus Professor
Dr Olga Podvigina Honorary University Fellow
Juliane Rosemeier
Professor Andrew Soward Emeritus Professor
Dr Matthew Watkins Honorary University Fellow
Professor Nigel Wood Honorary Visiting Professor
Dr Mehmet Yavuz Postdoctoral Research Associate
Physics and Astronomy
Chloe Bailey Postgraduate
Professor Hugh Barr Honorary Visiting Professor
Dr Ian Boutle Honorary University Fellow
Professor John Inkson Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics
Dr S├ębastien Mouchet Honorary Research Fellow
Dr David Rosseinsky Emeritus Professor
John Smith Honorary Staff
Professor Ian Youngs Honorary Professor
Renewable Energy
Dr Essam Hussain Post Doctoral Research Fellow