'Employers in the Foyer' is just one of the ways that you can interact with our students

Business engagement

With our strong links to industry, our academically reputable degree programmes and our investment in world class research, our students and graduates are of the highest calibre.

Our expertise covers the disciplines of Computer Science, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Medical Imaging, Mining and Minerals Engineering, Physics and Astronomy, Renewable Energy. Read more about our subjects.

We offer a wide range of ways for outside organisations and employers to collaborate with our College and to interact with our students.

Many students take on work placements and participate in projects with employers as part of their degree programmes. There are also a variety of ways for companies to engage with our students on campus

As well as offering the expertise of our students, our College provides employers with the opportunity to use our state of the art facilities and to work with us on world-leading research, enabling strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

If you have any enquiries about business engagement, please contact us at: empsemployability@exeter.ac.uk