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Professional Services staff

Sam John Abraham M.Phil. Student
Rebecca Adams Senior Impact and Partnership Development Manager
Anmar Ibrahim Fadhil Al-Adly
Manal Safar G Alghamdi
Aseel Ali
Jessica Allsop Programme Administrator
Professor Yun-Kyu An
Vasileios Anagnostidis Research Assistant, Gielen Lab
Natalia Lopes De Araujo
Dr Peter Armitage Electronics Technician / lab manager
Peter Ashby Quality Support Administrator (QST)
Martin Ashley
Adrian Bailey Business Partner (Research Services and Doctoral College)
Sharon Tracey Barker
Scott Barningham
Lynda Barrell Student Services Acting Team Leader
James Bassitt Vibration Engineering Section Lab Manager and V Simulators Senior Experimental Officer
Laura Baxter Infrastructure and Projects Officer
Calum Beeson Senior Geology Technician
Liz Bell Senior Finance Officer
Helen Bell
Rachel Bennett Senior Administrator - CEMPS
James Bingham IT Business Partner
Catherine Bissett Senior College Administrator (Penryn)
Sam Blackburn Project Coordinator: MAGIC
Robin Blundy Computing Development Officer
Janet Bostick Finance Manager
Martyn Brake Research IT Manager
Totty Brobyn Executive Officer
Jordanna Broom Workshop Technician
Adam Brownjohn Visitor
Tracy Burns Education Support Manager
Dr Bin Cao Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Morgan Centini
Dr Hong Chang Imaging Suite Manager / Experimental Officer
Hao Cheng
Soterx Chiavazzo Postgraduate
Daniel Chiswell Research Development Manager (Physics)
Dr Emma Clarke Project Manager
Nick Cole Research Engineer
Laura Coles
Matt Collins
Thomas Collins Doctoral Researcher in Computer Sciences
David Colridge Physics - Teaching Laboratories (Technical) and Buildings Facilities Lead
Andrew Cook
Jayne Cooksley
Bob Cope
Brendan Corkery Technical Services Manager (Mechanical Engineering
Dr Andrew Cowley Research Computing Development Officer
Amber Crook
Lauren Crowland Research Accounting
Andy Daniels HR Business Partner - CEMPS
Catherine Davies Executive Officer
Jess Davies
Chantelle Davies Exeter Climate Systems Research Administrator P/T
Adele Dawson
Tamsyn Diffey Senior Executive Assistant
Michael Duckmanton
Luke Dunham
Cathy Durston Director of College Operations (CEMPS)
Aditi Dutta
Dr Claire Eatock Impact and Partnership Development Manager
Isabelle Ebisch
Russell Edge Research Technician
Dr Ryan Edginton Communities Engagement Manager: RaNT Programme
Dan Elsender Postgraduate
Joshua Everett IT Technician
Andrew Farquhar Planning Officer
Jessica Fawell Degree Apprenticeship Administrator
Debbie Ford Administrator (PGR Support Officer CDTs)
Chris Forrest
Maciej Galera
Chris Geen Info Point Staff
Sarmishtha Ghosh
Jonas Glatthard
Dr Ellen Green Unit of Activity Manager Biophysics
Jess Greenaway Alumni Engagement Officer
Martin Guille Mechanical Workshop Technician
Nicholas Hall
James Harley
Meg Harris Team Lead
Isobel Hartley
Nell Hartney Postgraduate
Reece Hayden
Jade Hayes
Sarah Henson Education Support Advisor
Nicholas Herrington Postgraduate
Stephen Hill
Alice Holden Info Point Staff
Jess Holland Postgraduate Researcher (QUEX Institute)
Zoe Holman Strategic Partnerships Assistant (TSB)
Emily Hough
Kaijie Hu
Liming Huang
Fiona Hughes
Joanne Hyson
Fiona Incoll PGR Admin Assistant
Hannah Jenkins Senior Geology Technician
Yuhong Jiang
Dean Jones Widening Participation Coordinator
Adrian Jones
Stuart Kendall Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2021)
Ali Khosravifardshirazi
Behnaz Khosravifardshirazi
John Kilpatrick PhD Student
Simon Kirby
Orla Kirkland Outreach Officer
Dr Krisztian Kohary Research IT Officer (Astrophysics)
Emma Lacey Education Support Administrator
Ben Lakeland Postgraduate
Otto Lam
Derek Lambert Electronics Laboratory Technician
Chloe Lambert Student Recruitment and Admissions Manager
Deb Lee Centre Administrator
Julie Lewis-Thompson Temporary Staff
Zhuhui Li
Haobing Li
Kejian Li
Angela Lingham Executive Assistant
Qinglan Liu Doctoral Student
Siyuan Liu
Alex Loader Postgraduate
Adam Lockyer
Helena Lovett Research Administrator
Naser Musa Al Lozi PhD Student
Li Ping Lu
Kelyn Luther Centre Administrator
Yangjun Ma
Tianle Ma
Calum MacLeod
Sanjna Mahobia
Katy Manning Administrator (Vibration Engineering Section)
Jenni Marshall Senior Executive Assistant
Danny McCulloch
Paul McCutchion Manager - Exeter Technologies Group
Linda McIlwraith Exeter Climate Systems Research Administrator P/T
Robyn Moore Senior Education Support Administrator
Catherine Moore Web Officer
Dr Sam Morrell Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Vanessa Moseley
Dr Mohammad Moshfeghi Product Development Engineer (KTP Associate)
Sarah Moxey Education Support Advisor
Sarah Niles
Nicola Nye
Susannah O'Connell Administrative Assistant (Student Services)
Robert O'Neale Research Computing Support Officer
Juliet Oerton
Natalie Ohlson
Anthony Onwodi
Ben Orriss
Nia Owen PGR Administrator
Julia Paci
Joe Pady Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2019)
Sally Parkinson
Simeon Paskell Policy Advisor
Lydia Pavey
Matthew Peirce
Kalani Perera PhD Student
Roger Perrett Electronics & Teaching Lab Team Lead
Jake Pitt Research Fellow
Stephanie Powell
Sarah Purcell Centre Manager
Christian Pössniker Postgraduate Researcher
Jess Ramsay
Jessica Redman
Tracy Reeves Bio/ Nat Sci Subject Lead
Karen Reid Senior Administrator
Federica Rescigno Postgraduate
Ellie Reynolds
Taha Rezaei
George Ricketts Research Technician (CDT 1)
Emma Roberts Research Development Manager, Discipline Lead for Maths & Computer Science
Dr Anja Roeding Metamaterials Operations and Relations Lead (Co-Director of CMRI and the UK Metamaterials Network)
Dr Gavyn Rollinson Experimental Officer (Facility Manager of CIMF)
Emma Royle Student Recruitment Manager
Kevin Sales Research Development Manager
Katie Salisbury College Administrative Assistant
Greg Salmon
Kate Sanders Quality Support Officer (PSRBs)
Francesca Sanders
Peter Savage Research Technician CDT (Metamaterials)
Hannah Searle Executive Assistant to Prof. Tim Harries (Physics)
Simon Sexton
Peyman Shadmani PhD Student
Amrita Sharma
Jen Siggs
Cosmina Simionescu
Anna Sitko
James Smith
Lama Soliman Khaled PhD student
Katrina Somerville Executive Assistant: Engineering
Helen Spalding Research Manager, DCE Group
Steven Spaull
Malcolm Spence XRF & XRD Technician
Jem Squires Receptionist
Elaine Squires Quality Support Officer (PSRBs)
Linda Steer X-AT Finance Manager
Amy Stell PhD Student
Adam Stephens Education Support Assistant
Thomas Stevenson Campaign Manager (Communications and Marketing)
Kate Stockman College Coordinator (EMPS)
Natalie Stone Research Development Manager
Richard Taylor Stores Technician
Bee Taylor Education Support Assistant
Niccolo Tempini
Stuart Thomson HR Advisory Support - EMPS
Dan Toy
Dr David Trudgeon Research Fellow
Sharon Uren Senior Analytical Technician
Dr Adarsh Vasista Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Charlotte Vickers
Professor Xu Wang Royal Newton Research Fellow
Jingyi Wang
Fu Wang
Emma Way Administrative Officer (Astrophysics Group)
Clare Wildin Education Support Assistant
Paul R Wilkins Group Technician
Adam Woodgate Special Services Technician
Lena Worwood
Jia Wu
Sakine Yalman PhD Student
Zhuxian Yang Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Heng Yang
Julian Yates Laboratory Technician
Xiangyu Yin
James Young PhD Student
Rui Yu
James Yule Mechanical Technician
Erilou Zapanta Education Support Administrator
Fiona Zhang
Hao Zhang
Yurui Zhou
Babak Zolghadr-Asli Postgraduate Researcher (QUEX Institute)