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Tuesday 19 Nov 2019Climate Change - Oceans and Ice

Prof. Mat Collins - University of Exeter

Harrison 103 18:30-19:30

This talk will discuss key results from the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report on Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate (the cryosphere refers to frozen components of the Earth system). All people on Earth depend directly or indirectly on the ocean and cryosphere. The global ocean covers 71% of the Earth surface and contains about 97% of the Earth’s water. Around 10% of Earth’s land area is covered by glaciers or ice sheets. The ocean and cryosphere support unique habitats, and are interconnected with other components of the climate system through global exchange of water, energy and carbon. The projected responses of the ocean and cryosphere to past and current human-induced greenhouse gas emissions and ongoing global warming include climate feedbacks, changes over decades to millennia that cannot be avoided, thresholds of abrupt change, and irreversibility. More than 100 authors from 36 countries assessed the latest scientific literature related to the ocean and cryosphere in a changing climate for the report, referencing about 7,000 scientific publications. I will describe both the process of how the report was produced and the how main conclusions were arrived at, as well as some key findings from the report with a focus on Chapter 6 'Extremes, Abrupt Changes and Managing Risks'.


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