Information for Study Abroad/Exchange students

Welcome to the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences! Our areas of study include Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Physics and Astronomy.

We invite incoming exchange students to take a range of our modules. This webpage aims to give you guidance on how to choose these modules and put together your study plan.

Our disciplines are supported by three separate ‘Hub’ Teams:

Harrison Hub

Based in the Harrison Building
Building 23 on the campus map

  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science

Peter Chalk Hub

Based in the Peter Chalk Centre
Building 17 on the campus map

  • Natural Sciences
  • Physics

Penryn Hub 

Based in the Peter Lanyon Building
Building 8 on the campus map

  • Geology
  • Mining and Minerals
  • Engineering
  • Renewable Energy

One semester students must take 60 Exeter credits. This is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits. You cannot take TRM1&2 modules as these spread over both semesters.

Full year students must take 120 Exeter credits (60 credits per semester). This is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits for the academic year. One Exeter credit is worth 0.5 ECTS.

Most of our modules are either 15 credits (if they run for one semester) or 30 credits (for a full year). You would therefore usually take 4 modules per semester.

All of our Module descriptors are available to view via our intranet pages.

Our module descriptors include information about:

  • Module aims and learning outcomes
  • The term in which it runs (Semester 1 or 2)
  • Any prerequisite requirements
  • Assessment details

Modules for the next academic year will be updated in mid-March.

Note: The information here is designed to give you an indication of the modules available within the College. However, please be aware that the availability and specifications of modules may be subject to change between now and the start of teaching. The timetable is not finalised until near the start of term, so it is not possible to confirm the exact timings of classes until then.

Modules in the College begin with ‘ECM’, ‘MTH’, ‘PHY’, ‘NSC’, ‘CSM’, and ‘ENE’

The level of the module is determined by the first number, which will be 1-3, or a letter M:

  • ECM1*** is a level/stage 1 module (introductory level)
  • ECM2*** is stage 2
  • ECM3*** is stage 3
  • ECMM*** is a postgraduate masters level module

The College of Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences also teaches modules in Geology and Mining and Minerals Engineering at the Penryn Campus in Cornwall. These are indicated by the module codes starting ‘CSM’. Please only select these modules if you are studying at Penryn. Please note that you cannot study at both the Exeter (Streatham/St. Lukes) AND Penryn campuses.

You are unable to study at both the Exeter (Streatham/St. Lukes) AND Penryn campuses.

Sometimes a module you are due to take might change or you may find when you arrive that you have clashes on your timetable.

You will have a short period of time (2 weeks) when you arrive in Exeter where you can change modules – please visit or email the relevant hub team to discuss any module changes.

You may also wish to speak to your Study Abroad Co-ordinator for more information and to discuss your options.

Computer Science modules

  • Some Computer Science modules in semester 1 are examined in May. Inbound exchange students will take an alternative assessment over the Christmas period instead of an examination in May.

Engineering modules

  • Level M (which are Masters, Postgraduate Taught) Engineering modules (ECMM1**) are taught in three week intensive teaching blocks. Please be aware that if you were to choose modules from a variety of disciplines or levels, the teaching timetables may not be compatible.

Mathematics modules

  • Level 1 modules – not available
  • Level 2 modules – 1 x 15 credit independent study module is available’
  • The module enables inbound students to take half of a 30-credit year-long module at stage 2, as a 15-credit one semester self-study module.
  • Level 3 modules - please ensure that you meet any pre-requisite requirements (as stated in the module descriptor)
  • Mathematics modules in semester 1 are usually examined in May. Inbound exchange students will take an alternative assessment over the Christmas period instead of an examination in May.

In the department of Natural Sciences you will have the opportunity to study across four complimentary subjects, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. To view the modules on offer have a look at our Natural Sciences modules webpage.

Physics and Astronomy modules

  • PHY2033 is recommended for single semester students
  • Do not choose the modules listed under ‘Physics Modules for Study Abroad and Placements (this is for Exeter students going out on study abroad)

The study of Geology provides a detailed understanding of the earth, its history, processes and resources. There are opportunities to integrate field-based training with laboratory work, seminars and lectures. To view the modules on offer, take a look at our Geology modules webpage.

The Camborne School of Mines is top 14 in the world for Mining and Minerals Engineering. Mining Engineers study at the interface between Engineering and geology. To view the modules on offer, take a look at our Mining and Minerals Engineering modules webpage.

Renewable Energy combines energy generation from renewable sources with aspects of dynamic energy management systems, ICT, smart energy technologies and energy storage solutions. To view the modules on offer, take a look at our Renewable Energy modules webpage.

Semester 1 only students are able to apply for an alternative assessment so that they do not have to return in January for the exam period. To Apply contact

Please note: this is not the case for all subjects, therefore do not book your return flights until you have obtained permission from each subject that your modules are based in.

If you have any questions please contact or contact the relevant hub team:

Contact us

University of Exeter 

Inbound Study Abroad Team
Innovation Centre 2/03
University of Exeter
Exeter EX4 4RN

Telephone: +44 1392 725739