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Inspiring Science

Inspiring Science

Inspiring Science is an open lecture series in which high-profile speakers from inside and outside of the University speak about their research and careers in their respective scientific fields. The series includes three strands of lectures as shown below, along with upcoming inspiring science events:

Tuesday 29 March 2022 (18:30-19:30) - 'From Enigma to the Programming of Life: Alan Turing’s achievements explored in a discussion between Dr Kyle Wedgwood and Sir Dermot Turing.'

J‌oin us on Tuesday 29 March either in person or online for this public lecture, hosted by EPSRC Hub for Quantitative Modelling in Healthcare which intends to provide a platform for people to separate truth from fiction in the story of Alan Turing’s scientific accomplishments.

For further details please see our poster and to register please visit EventBrite.

In person event at: Alumni Auditorium, The Forum, University of Exeter, Streatham Campus, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PT.

F‌uture events

Further information regarding future events will be displayed here when announced. 

Upcoming Events 

Further events will be listed on here as and when they become available.

Upcoming Events

Engineering and Entrepreneurship Seminar Series 

Information on future events will be added here as soon as they are available.

Past lectures

See details below of our previous lectures including recordings of these events:

Friday 1 October 2021 (16:00-17.30) - 'Climate, clouds and communication!' by Dr Kate Marvel. Kate joined us to talk about her work and journey in science and climate communication.

View the poster

Wednesday 13 January 2021 (10.00-11.30) - 'How Humans Judge Machines' by Professor Cesar A Hidalgo, Chair at the Artificial and Natural Intelligence Institute (ANITI).

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Thursday 3 December (17.00-18.45) - 'Social Enterprise, Innovating to Save the Planet' by James Brown of Mobiloo - Engineering and Entrepreneurship Seminar Series.

Find out more about this event.

Presented on Tuesday 27 October 2020 from 3:00pm – Virtual Event with Zhongdong Wang - "Evolution of Transformer-based AC Electrical Power Systems to Smart Grids".

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Pumps, Maps and More Pea Soup

Presented on 26th September 2019 by Professor Gavin Shaddick, Professor of Data Science and Statistics, and Head of Mathematics

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On the Scale, Concentration and Dynamics of Crime

Presented on 15 May 2019 by Professor Ronaldo Menezes, Professor of Data and Network Science, and Head of Computer Science

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‌Future Transport: On-line Simulation and Urban Traffic Systems

Presented on 9 June 2016 by Professor Jianping Wu, Professor in the School of Structural Engineering at Tsinghua University.

C‌hallenges for Unmanned Embarked Aviation.

Presented on 20 April 2016 by Dr Bernard Ferrier, Hoffman Engineering Corporation and US Office of Naval Research at École Polytechnique de Montréal (Québec) Canada.

While waiting for the next flood.

Presented on 10 June 2015 by Professor Slobodan Djordjevic - Professor of Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Exeter.

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Stuff Matters.

Presented on 14 May 2015 by Professor Mark Miodownik - Director of the Institute of Making and Professor of Materials & Society at University College London.

Controlling Unruly Structures.

Presented on 25 March 2015 by Professor Paul Reynolds - Professor of Structural Dynamics and Control at the University of Exeter.

The Solar Power: Enlightenment of our Energy Future.

Presented on 11 February 2015 by Professor Tapas Mallick - Chair in Clean Technologies (Renewables) at the University of Exeter.

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Minerals maketh man.

Presented on 18 November 2014 by Professor Kip Jeffrey - First Quantum Minerals Professor of Mining Education at Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter.

Structures behaving badly?

Presented on 12 November 2014 by Professor James Brownjohn - Professor of Structural Dynamics at the University of Exeter.

Vibration serviceability: from obscurity to the infamous Millennium Bridge case and beyond

Presented on 14 May 2014 by Professor Aleksandar Pavic - Professor of Vibration Engineering and Associate Dean for Research and Knowledge Transfer at University of Exeter.