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Wednesday 02 Feb 2022Bridging the Gap Between Galaxy and Star Formation with Star Clusters

Hui Li -

4th Floor physics + remote 14:00-15:00

Over the past decades, the discovery of a large number of young massive clusters (YMCs) in the local Universe and giant clumps in high-z galaxies suggests that clustered star formation is the dominant star formation mode across cosmic time. Mass and energy feedback from these enormous clusters is inevitably responsible for shaping their host galaxies. In this talk, I will discuss the tight relationship between giant molecular clouds on small scales and galaxies on large scales and provide the first attempts to bring star formation and galaxy formation community together. On the one hand, the properties of YMCs and GMCs populations can be used to calibrate and help improve the current cosmological simulations. On the other hand, galaxy formation simulations provide the perfect initial conditions for the modeling of GMCs in realistic environments. Finally, if time permits, I will highlight some of my recent works on solving the mystery of the origin of globular cluster populations in the Universe by bringing together the collective wisdom from both galaxy and star formation.

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