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Wednesday 03 Feb 2021Painting a portrait of the Galactic disc with its stellar clusters

Tristan Cantat-Gaudin -

Remote seminar 14:00-15:00

Stellar clusters are aggregates of stars born from the same molecular cloud and that have remained bound by gravity. Some of their fundamental parameters, such as their age or their distance, are more easily determined than for individual stars. For this reason, they have routinely been used as convenient tracers of the structure of the Milky Way, in addition to being laboratories to study stellar evolution. The ESA mission Gaia is currently revolutionising our understanding of our Galaxy. In this new era, star clusters are still relevant to Galactic physics, and Gaia offers us a new perspective on the cluster population. In this talk I will present methods we developed to perform a homogeneous census of the Milky Way clusters seen by Gaia, and I will show recent results in mapping the current structure of the Galaxy as well as investigating its evolutionary history.

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