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Thursday 14 May 2020Gusto: the compatible finite element dynamical core toolkit and why you might be interested in it.

Dr. Jemma shipton - University of Exeter

Online - contact A. Hillier for webinar link 14:30-15:30

I will describe Gusto, a dynamical core toolkit built on top of the Firedrake finite element library; present recent results from a range of test cases and outline our plans for future code development. Gusto uses compatible finite element methods, a form of mixed finite element methods (meaning that different finite element spaces are used for different fields) that allow the exact representation of the standard vector calculus identities div-curl=0 and curl-grad=0. The popularity of these methods for numerical weather prediction is due to the flexibility to run on non-orthogonal grid, thus avoiding the communication bottleneck at the poles, while retaining the necessary convergence and wave propagation properties required for accuracy. The setup of Gusto allows for rapid prototyping of numerical algorithms to inform the development of the next Met Office dynamical core, which will be using a variant of this type of discretisation.

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