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Tuesday 05 May 2020[Journal Club] Title: Parameterisation of Convective Core Overshooting In Massive Stars

Josh Clarke - University of Exeter

Zoom 11:15-11:50

The behaviour of convection within massive stellar interiors remains less understood than in low and intermediate mass stars. The process of convective core overshooting in-particular can have a noticeable impact on increasing the main sequence lifetime and the luminosity of a star, and can bridge differences between models and observations. Current implementation for overshooting in models relies on fitting overshooting extent to individual models. The aim of this investigation is to develop a dynamic physical scheme for overshooting that can be applied to any stellar model. This is being achieved with fitting 1-D models of varying overshooting to observations of Double Eclipsing Binaries, and relating internal physical parameters to overshooting extent. Current results show that is possible to implement a dynamic scheme that reproduces observational results, but more work is required into constraining the metallicity of observed stars to fit models.

Due to the ongoing university closure, this talk will be communicated via Zoom. Please contact Tom Wilson if you wish to participate.

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