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Wednesday 13 Nov 2019Introduction To Desalination Technologies

Professor Hassan Fath - Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology

Harrison 170 14:30-15:30


This presentation covers the basics of desalination processes (both large scale commercial or small scale newly developed processes). It also covers the main components as well as the factors affecting the selection of different process and the desalination environmental impacts. In addition, alternative driving energies mainly solar (&nuclear) will be presented. Different Research, Development and Innovations system will also be highlighted


Prof. Hassan Fath is a well-known expert in desalination and energy technologies. Prof. Fath got his B.Sc. (Top of Class) & M.Sc. from Alexandria University (Egypt) and M. Eng. & Ph.D. from Mc Master University (Canada). Prof. Hassan Fath has wide academic & Industrial Experience in Desalination & Energy Technologies.

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