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Tuesday 03 Dec 2019[Journal Club] Title: The habitability of tidally locked planets and how we can relate them to Archean Earth

Jake Eager - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area, Physics building 11:15-11:40

So far, the Earth sized exoplanets that have been discovered orbit cooler stars than our Sun. These orbit at relatively short orbital radii and are likely to be tidally locked. Planets orbiting cooler stars, they receive more radiation at longer wavelengths, and for an Earth-like atmosphere, we expect an increase in direct absorption of stellar radiation by greenhouse gases. We look to see how this effects the temperature and moisture distribution and hence the habitability.

I will then move on to talk about modelling the biogeochemical evolution of the atmosphere on Early Earth, and how we can link this to potentially life sustaining tidally locked exoplanets.

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