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Wednesday 17 Jun 2020[Seminar] Hierarchical Modelling of Stellar Populations with Asteroseismology

Guy Davies - University of Birmingham

Remote seminar 14:00-15:00

The advent of asteroseismology has substantially improved our ability to study the properties and structure of stars. This in turn has allowed us to make progress in other fields e.g., exoplanets, galactic archeology, and stellar rotation. The era of ensemble asteroseismology is upon us, but typically we study individual stars and then combine them to produce an ensemble. I will show results from some areas of stellar astrophysics where we have directly studied the ensemble using Bayesian Hierarchical Models. This treatment has the potential to produce both precise and accurate stellar properties but requires some care. I'll share early results from what I believe to be the future, the simultaneous modelling of many stars where information is shared across populations across many levels of hierarchy in a self-consistent and hopefully well calibrated way. This approach could unlock a new wave of discoveries in adjacent fields of astronomy if its potential can be unleashed.

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