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Wednesday 11 Dec 2019[Seminar] The SEEDS and Gemini-LIGHTS surveys: Investigating the Structure of Protoplanetary Disks in Scattered Light.

Dr Evan Rich - University of Michigan

4th floor, Physics building 15:00-16:00

High angular resolution imaging of protoplanetary disks in scattered light can help reveal dust structures potentially related to planet formation. A variety of surveys and instruments have learned much over the last decade, but many basic questions remain unanswered. From my dissertation work, I will discuss the protoplanetary disk HD 163296 from the SEEDS survey, which exhibits interesting time variable shadowing features on the outer disk. I will also discuss the new protoplanetary scattered light disk survey Gemini-LIGHTS, which observed 44 Herbig Ae/Be and massive T-Tauri protoplanetary disks with the Gemini Planet Imager. I will present an overview of the project, current results, and a future outlook of the project.

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