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Friday 07 Dec 2018Property Flood Resilience, supporting uptake through evidence and case studies

Prof. Jessica Lamond - University of the West of England

Harrison 170 13:30-14:30


Property level adaptation is a recognised part of integrated flood risk management that has been of increasing importance in UK FRM policy, commonly referred to as Property Flood Resilience or PFR. PFR is particularly important to address residual risk in areas without community level defences or with limited levels of community level risk reduction. Although we know that PFR can be highly effective in limiting loss and damage the uptake has historically been low such that in 2016 the Property Flood Resilience Action plan was put in place to encourage all stakeholders to take the required steps to improve the rate of adoption of measures.

The seminar will provide an overview of PFR, barriers and facilitators from social, technical and economic perspectives. This is based on research conducted by leading researchers at the University of the West of England over the past decade in partnership with industry, government and non-governmental organisations across multiple research and knowledge exchange projects.


Jessica Lamond is currently Professor in Real Estate and Climate Risk at the University of the West of England responsible for furthering research in the fields of flood and climate risk management in the built environment and property valuation. Jessica researches socio-technical aspects of urban flood risk, including property level adaptation and insurance. In the last decade she has led or collaborated on over 25 research projects and led multidisciplinary teams of researchers, practitioners and stakeholders for example Theme D of the DFID Urbanisation Research Nigeria research programme and projects for Defra such as the supporting the uptake of low cost resilience project. She led work packages in EPSRC Blue Green Cities and FloodMemory projects; and is currently a WP leader on Urban Flood Resilience project. She is an author of over 35 peer-reviewed journals and over 20 reports for government and non-governmental organisations including the World Bank Global Handbook on Urban Flood Management.

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