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Friday 19 Oct 2018Water Design: challenges of creating the cities of the future

Ola Holmstrom - Sweco

Harrison 170 13:30-14:30


We are all aware that the advent of new technology provides us with new opportunities. This is never truer than when looking at how we can use new technology to transform our cities, both here in the west and in developing countries. However, with new opportunities comes new challenges, will we drown in information, paralysed by indecision. Will the rapid changing landscape of our cites make investment in long lived infrastructure a thing of the past? How do we, as designers, need to change now to make the most of what we design tomorrow?


Ola is the Director for Water and Asset Management for SWECO UK. His role on the UK board includes setting the strategic direction for the company in relation to its work in all field relating to water spanning from coastal modelling to sewage work design. Ola has 20 years’ experience of the working with water related issues ranging from water company infrastructure design to habitat creation. He has significant experience dealing with environmental issues in the UK acting as a technical expert in the field of hydrology, hydrogeology, flooding, drainage, water quality and eco-hydrological issues. He has managed several large multidisciplinary projects and been the water lead on major infrastructure projects such as CrossRail 2 and HS2 North Enabling Works with extensive experience in the Airport Sector. Ola was the water environment lead for the original Stansted airport extension planning application.

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