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Wednesday 27 Mar 2019[Seminar] Toward Consistent Modelling of Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics in Exoplanets

Dr Shami Tsai - University of Oxford

4th Floor, Physics Building 14:00-15:00

The challenge of exoplanet science has evolved from detection to characterisation. Understanding the atmospheric composition and its interaction with circulation is crucial in interpreting the observations and revealing the underlying processes. In this talk, I will first present the open-source, photochemical kinetics model "VULCAN" that I have developed to study the atmospheric chemistry of exoplanets. The focus will be put on what we can improve on the current modelling based on two approaches: One is to design a simplified chemical scheme that can be implemented in a 3-D GCM. The other is to extend the current 1-D kinetics model into 2-D to allow for more realistic atmospheric dynamics, such as the horizontal transport.

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