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Tuesday 01 May 2018[Journal Club] Leaving Talk - AWESoMeStars

Piyush Sharda -

4th Floor Interaction Area 11:15-11:45

I will summarize my Master's project on accretion histories of T Tauri stars. I will show that by using a new, more generalized analytic model of viscous disc evolution, I can explain the trends and the spread in observed mass accretion rates and disc masses for T Tauri stars. This model can be matched against the observed data (unlike the older model) and has certain degeneracies which I use to my advantage to cover the observed sample space. Further, applying an empirical cut-off accretion rate allows me to investigate the observed trends in disc fractions for clusters at different ages. Towards the earliest phases of star-disc formation, this model can be connected to the theory of cloud collapse. Towards the later phases, it can be connected to the theory of planet formation and migration (with the disc dispersal theories) and promises to be an important ingredient for the spin evolution models for sun-like stars.

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