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Friday 01 Dec 2017The emergency response to flooding in the UK

Mr Dan Graham - Spartan Rescue / ISAR3

Harrison 170 14:30-15:30

Abstract: An overview of the evolution and enhancement of the emergency response to flooding, discussing the statutory blue-light services, the voluntary sector, and the commercial sector. In response to the 2007 flooding, the UK government commissioned the Pitt Report which has been a catalyst for action within the sector. Ten years on, the flood response capability in the UK has significantly improved, the equipment used, and the range of techniques deployed. In parallel, our understanding of flood forecasting, and flood risk mitigation has also leapt forwards, and the nature of the flood events that occur in the UK is changing.

About the speaker: Dan is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Spartan Rescue / ISAR3. As a passionate water safety consultant, Dan travels widely and has worked for a number of respected organisations including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), R3SAR, the Royal Lifesaving Society (UK), and Spartan UKOS. He has written training programmes for many different organisations, and has co-authored many papers on different aspects of drowning prevention and water safety. As a volunteer, Dan sits on the Trustee Boards of the Royal Lifesaving Society UK, and Nile Swimmers. He also represents the RLSS UK on the Rescue Commission of the International Lifesaving Federation.

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