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Wednesday 26 Jul 2017Integrated simulation of Groundwater Resources and Seawater Intrusion

Dr Kai-Yuan Ke - National Taiwan University

Har170 14:00-15:00


Groundwater salinization and seawater intrusion due to groundwater overexploitation is a serious issue in Pintung Plain. This study tries to identify the chlorine distribution along the coastal area through numerical modeling. Three models are employed, including Soil and Water Assessment tool (SWAT), MODFLOW, and MT3D. The precipitation recharge is simulated by SWAT and serves as input in MOFLOW and MT3D to further simulate the groundwater flow and chlorine distribution in Pintung Plain. After calibration and validation, certain scenarios were designed to investigate the seawater intrusion trend due to possible increased pumping and sea level rising as a result of climate change.


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