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Friday 24 Mar 2017Improving the resilience of interdependent infrastructure networks to cascading failure and isolation with Permutations and Serious Games

Dr Mehdi Khoury - University of Exeter

Har170 14:00-15:00


We propose a possible solution to the problem of seemingly ever increasing vulnerability of interdependent infrastructure networks to both cascading failure and isolation: the use of permutable nodes that would give such systems rewiring capabilities. This last concept could have wide implications when trying to improve the topological resilience of engineered interdependent networks by finding new "permutations" implicating different infrastructure stakeholders through the use of Serious Games.

Speaker’s biography

After a BSc in Computer Science in the University of Aberdeen in 2007, I then obtained a MSc in Machine learning while working part time as a network admin in the same department. I finally got my PhD in Artificial Intelligence in the University of Portsmouth in 2011. I have then since spent my time working as a postdoctoral fellow in the UK applying varied computing techniques to different application domains. I worked on modelling the resilience of infrastructure networks to cascading failure in the University of Southampton, then I went into the area of Serious Games and created the equivalent of a minecraft for cell scientists at the University of Surrey. I also touched the area of cell biology and collaborated in modelling the metabolic network of some methane-eating bacterium in Oxford-Brookes. I then worked in Imperial College, doing interactive visualisations for the Non-Communicable-Diseases risk factor collaboration program. I then decided to go to the University of Exeter to do "serious-games" for water engineers. I presently create online multi-player serious games in which engineers must learn as a team to solve problems related to water distribution systems and floods.

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