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Friday 13 Jan 2017Priorities for an uncertain future: expert opinion on links between hydrometric data, water resources modelling and decision making (project 'SINBaD')

Dr Sarah Ward -

Harrison Building, HAR170 14:00-15:00


Processes promoting welfare, economic development and inclusive growth are underpinned by equitable access to natural resources including water and sanitation. Consequently, assessing the availability of resilient and sustainable water resources is essential. However, where even basic hydrometric data or water resource modelling expertise is limited, how can current and future capacities be evaluated or new policies created to plan for uncertain futures? Using a convergence-divergence Delphi experiment, this research examined the opinions of a small international panel (n=12) of experts in the field of water resources in relation to links between hydrometric data, water resources modelling and planning and decision making. Comprised of both academics and practitioners representing the UK, Ghana and Jamaica, the panel were asked a range of questions over three rounds to identify whether water resource priorities and types of intervention favoured were similar across different contexts. This presentation describes the preliminary findings of the research within and between countries and potential implications for the production of a short best-practice guide.

Speaker's Biography

Dr Sarah Ward is an interdisciplinary researcher who currently works between the University's Centre for Water Systems and the European Centre for Environment and Human Health. Her research uses mixed methods in the real world to examine issues of health, resilience and sustainability across urban water systems.

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