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Tuesday 03 May 2016Magnetohydrodynamic Waves in the Atmosphere of the Sun (GAFD Seminar)

Dr Erwin Verwichte - University of Warwick

Laver LT6 14:30-16:00

The solar atmosphere is a highly structured and dynamic environment where density and temperature vary over many orders of magnitude. In the last twenty years, the fleet of space-born instruments observing the solar atmosphere in wavelengths in the extreme ultraviolet and x-ray have revealed a multitude of wave phenomena associated with large events such as flares and eruptions as well as with sunspots, filaments and local small-scale photospheric motions. It is believed that these wave play a role in transporting and depositing energy into the upper atmosphere, further accelerate the solar wind, and are key signatures in space-weather relevant dynamics such as flares and CMEs. Magnetohydrodynamics has been particularly successful in modelling these solar atmospheric waves and have allowed to diagnose the local plasma that supports the wave. I will review the types of wave phenomena that have been observed and modelled with special attention paid to transverse Alfvenic waves in magnetic flux tubes.

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