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Tuesday 09 Feb 2016Real world engineering applications of coastal modelling

Tom Ashby - WSP Group

Harrison 170 13:30-14:30


Coastal modelling covers a number of subjects and is a powerful tool which can greatly improve our understanding and appreciation of coastal process, including tidal hydrodynamics, waves and geomorphology to name a few. In practice, the complexity of the problems, coupled with data limitations and often client requirements and budget means that there are limitations to how far modelling can be pushed. This presentation will cover a range of my experience working with coastal modelling in an engineering consultancy, some of the applications of coastal models, the outcomes and the lessons learned.


Tom is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 10 years’ experience, specialising in hydraulic modelling.  His experience ranges from engineering design of structural elements, coast protection and fluvial and coastal flood defences to fluvial and tidal flood modelling, hydrodynamic modelling and off- and nearshore wave modelling.

Tom’s modelling experience covers a wide range of software and applications including being highly skilled in the use of iSIS and TUFLOW for flood risk modelling.  He has extensive experience in modelling coastal processes including the extreme analysis of wind and waves, using the 2D and 3D elements of the MIKE by DHI software suit to simulate wave transformation and wave disturbance modelling, hydrodynamics and sediment transport. He has particular experience with the analysis of wave overtopping and the application of overtopping flows to 2D flood models.

Tom also has experience with the development of coastal and flood defence strategy, and the testing and economic assessment of engineering and policy options through a combination of hydraulic modelling and engineering skills.

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