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Thursday 25 Jun 2015AG dynamics seminar: Nontrivial collective dynamics in a pulse-coupled variant of the Kuramoto model

Antonio Politi - University of Aberdeen

Harrison 209 16:00-17:00

A variant of the Kuramoto model, where the coupling is mediated by delta-pulses sent across a globally coupled network, is investigated upon increasing the coupling strength. The model, which is inspired by the dynamics of leaky integrate and fire neurons, reveals a rather complex collective dynamics. In fact, as soon as the synchronization threshold is overcome, a macroscopic collective dynamics sets in, that appears to be high-dimensional. The macroscopic motion is studied by implementing a standard time-series analysis, while the microscopic (single oscillator) dynamics, is studied with the help of raster plots, phase slips, and single-oscillator Lyapunov exponents.

(delivered by live video-link)

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