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Thursday 12 Mar 2015SDAC seminar : Asynchronous Networks and Event Driven Dynamics.

Prof Mike Field - Imperial College London

H103 15:00-16:00

Contemporary network problems in engineering, production, transport and computational neuroscience
often do not fit well into the classical model of analytic differential equations. Typically nodes
may stop and restart, there may be a mix of continuous, discrete dynamics or spiking, thresholds,
and the network topology may change in time (both connection structure and number of nodes). There may also
be local times defined on nodes or connections and adaptation and control may play an important role.
Networks may also have a function getting from initial state A to final state B in finite time (generally
impossible if the model consists of analytic ODEs).

We describe our model for Asynchronous networks and the main objective: finding a coherent way to a
apply a reductionist approach to complex heterogeneous networks. We also describe the factorization
of dynamics theorem that allows a modular approach to a class of feedforward networks and is
suggestive of many natural problems in bifurcation. (Joint with Chris Bick.)

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