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Tuesday 13 Jan 2015At home with water

Duncan McCombie -

Harrison 170 14:00-15:00

Conserving water as a precious resource is not really a prime consideration for the majority of the population in the UK. Those tasked with providing it are heavily regulated and we don’t often go without.

We live on a green island surrounded by water.
It rains – a lot – and our conversations relate to the grey days not water efficiency and valuing a precious resource.

Transfer yourself to Istanbul – water is seen as a far more precious resource here. More consideration given to its use and yet, there is more rainfall annually in Istanbul than London!

This talk will look at the broad aspects of domestic water use in the UK as evidenced through the research undertaken by EST and partners and published in the At Home with Water report (2013) looking at the responses from almost 100,00 households on their use (abuse) of water.

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