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Tuesday 20 Jan 2015Theory seminar: Patterned Magnetic Materials and Chiral Spin Textures

Robert Stamps - Glasgow University

Peter Chalk 2.6 15:00-16:00

Abstract: There is an deceptive simplicity to the geometrical design of metamaterials constructed by patterning magnetic films. The physics that can be studied in these systems includes topics that range from field theory to nonlinear dynamics, and recent works have even opened a new door for studies of fundamental thermodynamics. These studies represent a first step along a path into an uncharted territory—a landscape of new advanced functional materials in which topological effects on physical properties can be explored and harnessed.[1] In this talk, I will discuss patterned magnetic arrays from the point of view of unusual features associated with chiral interactions and geometries that lead to chiral ordering. A central theme of the talk will be chirality in spin systems—its manifestation as skyrmionic and helicoidal textures, the possibility of its emergence in artificially designed structures, and potentials for its application. [2,3] Lastly, I comment on a different manifestation of chirality: types of vortex electronic states in which the electron carries spin and angular momentum. [4]

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[2] Silva, R. L., Secchin, L. D. , Moura-Melo, W. A. , Pereira, A. R., and Stamps, R. L. (2014) Emergence of skyrmion lattices and bimerons in chiral magnetic thin films with nonmagnetic impurities. Physical Review B, 89 (5). 054434
[3] Garcia-Sanchez, F., Borys, P., Vansteenkiste, A., Kim, J.-V., and Stamps, R. L. (2014) Nonreciprocal spin-wave channeling along textures driven by the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction. Physical Review B, 89 (22). p. 224408
[4] Greenshields C., Stamps R. L., Frank-Arnold, S. (2012) Vacuum Faraday effect for electrons. New Journal of Physics, 14, 103040; Greenshields, C., Stamps, R. L., Frank-Arnold, S., Barnett, S., (2014) Is the Angular Momentum of an Electron Conserved in a Uniform Magnetic Field? Physical Review Letters, 113, 240404

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