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Tuesday 24 Feb 2015Integrated approach to the urban water cycle: are we there yet?

Ana Mijic - Imperial College

Harrison 170 14:00-15:00

The urban hydrologic cycle, which is the fundamental concept in urban water management, is greatly modified by urbanisation and the impacts of climate change. To face these new challenges, the urban water management concept is moving
towards decentralised solutions and integrated modelling. Although this new concept comes under different names, the message conveyed is consistent sustainable urban water management practice must integrate all aspects of the urban water cycle with the aim of synergistically addressing environmental risk to infrastructure, water security and resources efficiency. This talk will present the concept of the inclusive
urban water zone as the basis for adopting a holistic approach to modelling the urban
water cycle. The significance of understanding and quantifying the linkages among various system components will be discussed, with particular focus on implications
on the choice of interventions for addressing the climate change challenges of future cities.

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