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Tuesday 27 Jan 2015Thames Tideway tunnel, changing knowledge with time

Chris Binnie - Independent Consultant

Harrison 170 14:00-15:00

Central London has a sewerage system that collects both fould and storm water in one pipe. When a major storm occurs the excess spills into the tidal Thames. The Thames Tideway tunnel is a project to collect combined sewer overflows and carry them to Beckton sewage treatment works for treatmernt. It would be some 7m diameter and 25 kms long costing some 4.5bn.

The lecture will talk about the reasoning behind the scheme, the knowledge available to the original Steering Group, which I chaired from 2000 to 2005, and the criteria on which it was based. In the 10 years since then the physical situation has changed, technology and strategy has changed, other works have been carried , and the cost of the scheme has nearly trebled. These aspects will be brought out in the lecture in the hope that such aspects can be taken account of in the future when considering major projects.

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