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Wednesday 28 Jan 2015Seminar: Interactions between planets and their parent disc: the impact on planet survivability and disc structures

Dr Farzana Meru - University of Cambridge

Physics, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

The young birth environments of planets provide some key information on the early evolution of planets. Recent spatially-resolved observations are showing intriguing structures in protoplanetary discs, many of which may indicate the presence of planets. Understanding these environments provides us with clues on how planet formation will develop over time. In this talk I will discuss two areas of planet-disc interactions that are key to understanding planet survivability and the observed structures. I will discuss new results on the gap-opening criterion that is crucial for planet survivability, showing that planet survivability may unfortunately be harder than previously thought. I will also discuss the dust and gas interactions in discs and show that we expect dust ring structures in protoplanetary discs to be longer-lived than the gas rings.

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