Friday 31 Jan 2014Colloquium: The deformation of graphene and graphene nanocomposites

Prof. Robert Young - University of Manchester

Newman Red 12:00-13:00

The mechanical properties of graphene are very promising with a Young’s modulus of the order of 1 TPa and an intrinsic strength of around 130 GPa which make it an ideal candidate for use as reinforcement in high-performance composites. Relatively strong, well-defined resonance Raman spectra are obtained even from single atomic graphene layers and the technique can be used to differentiate between monolayer, bilayer, trilayer and many-layer material, from the shape and position of the 2D (or G’) Raman band. It is also found that the positions of the Raman bands in graphene shift with strain and that stress-induced Raman band shifts can consequently be employed to determine strain in the material. Stress transfer between the different layers of multilayer graphene nanocomposites has also been investigated from the stress-induced Raman band shifts during the deformation of graphene flakes. The extension of this approach to bulk composites and other layered nanomaterials, such as MoS2, will be described.

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