Events and colloquia

Monday 27 Mar 2017Planetary core flows driven by libration

Dr Stijn Vantieghem - Coventry University

H103 14:30-16:30

Monday 27 Mar 2017Dynamics Seminar: Oxidative stress in diabetes: Cause, consequence, or both?

Pranay Goel - Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune

LSI Seminar Room A 16:00-17:00

Thursday 30 Mar 2017Arithmetic statistics in function fields

Edva Roditty-Gershon - University of Bristol

H103 14:30-16:30

Thursday 30 Mar 2017Statistical Science Seminar: Model Discrepancy

Professor Michael Goldstein - Durham University

H101 15:00-16:00

Friday 31 Mar 2017Imaging at the speed of light

Prof Daniele Faccio - Heriot-Watts

Newmann Red 12:30-13:30

Wednesday 05 Apr 2017Low Mass Stars

Mr. Sam Morrell - University of Exeter

Physics, 4th Floor 14:00-15:00

Wednesday 07 Jun 2017What can the SEDs of first hydrostatic core candidates reveal about their nature?

Miss. Alison Young - University of Exeter

Physics, 4th Floor 14:00-15:00