Events and colloquia

Monday 29 Apr 2019Dynamics Seminar

Mike White - Manchester

LSI Seminar Room B 14:30-15:30

Wednesday 01 May 2019CEMPS Seminar

Professor David Butler, University of Exeter - Water Systems Engineering -

Harrison 170 13:30-14:15

Friday 03 May 2019[Seminar] Models of Diffuse Ionised Gas in star-forming galaxies

Dr Bert Vandenbroucke - University of St Andrews

4th Floor, Physics Building 14:00-14:30

Friday 03 May 2019[Seminar] The Impact of Photo-ionization Feedback on Massive Star Formation

Nina Sartorio - University of St Andrews

4th Floor, Physics Building 14:30-15:00

Wednesday 08 May 2019Elasticity Day 2019

- -

Streatham Court B Lecture Theatre 09:00-18:00

Monday 13 May 2019Joint Astrophysics/GAFD Seminar

Prof. Pascale Garaud - University of California, Santa Cruz

Harrison 170 14:30-15:30

Wednesday 15 May 2019On the Scale, Concentration and Dynamics of Crime

Professor Ronaldo Menezes, Head of Science, University of Exeter -

TBC 09:00-17:00

Monday 20 May 2019Dynamics Seminar

Greg Stephens - Vrije, Amsterdam

H209 14:30-15:30

Wednesday 05 Jun 2019Inspiring Science Inaugural Lecture (June)

Professor Gavin Shaddick, Head of Mathematics, University of Exeter -

TBC 09:00-17:00

Wednesday 05 Jun 2019CEMPS Engineering Seminar

Professor David Zhang, University of Exeter -

Harrison 170 13:30-14:15