Tuesday 04 Feb 2014Biodiversity and water engineering

Alan Feest - University of Bristol

Harrison 170 14:00-15:00

Dr Feest will present the latest thinking on what is meant by the term biodiversity. In this way the following indices for a site would be Species richness, Species conservation value index, Biodiversity index (Shannon-Wiener, Simpson or Berger-Parker), Biomass and Population. Correctly surveyed data will also allow calculation of the completeness of the survey by estimation of the real species richness (by four different methods!).

Using this technology Dr Feest will present a case study (Cardiff Bay Barrage) where compensatory habitat was created for the loss of the bay and the biodiversity of the birds compared (Cardiff Bay vs Newport Gwent compensation site).

An example of how this could be used in Freshwater will be outlined.
The lecture will show that the terror for non-ecologists of having to come to grips with huge lists of names (none of which have any apparent meaning!) can be overcome by this numerically based assessment of biodiversity.

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