Tuesday 26 Nov 2013LARGE EDDY SIMULATION IN HYDRAULICS Recent success and challenges and opportunities

Professor Thorsten Stoesser - Cardiff University

Harrison Room 170 14:00-15:00

Large-Eddy Simulation (LES), which is an advanced eddy-resolving method for calculating turbulent flows, is employed increasingly for solving hydraulics and environmental flow problems. The method has generally great potential and is particularly suited for problems dominated by large-scale turbulent structures. In this talk, the LES method is introduced and several examples where LES was used to analyse complex flows in hydraulics are presented showing the reliability of its outputs. However, the method requires further developments and these are highlighted and discussed.

Prof. Thorsten Stoesser is a Professor in the Hydro-environmental Research Centre at the Cardiff School of Engineering. His expertise includes turbulence modelling using RANS and large eddy simulation (LES), rough-bed hydrodynamics including vegetated flows and computational methods to study numerically fluid-structure interactions and free-surface flows. He has published over 30 peer reviewed papers on developing, testing and applying LES to investigate open-channel flow hydrodynamics and has recently delivered keynote lectures on the subject at workshops and conferences (e.g. at Coherent Flow Structures in Geophysical Flows at the Earth Surface congress in August 2011). In 2012 Stoesser received the ASCE Karl Emil Hilgard Hydraulic Prize for his work on “LES of flow through vegetation”. He is a co-author of the IAHR monograph on “Large-Eddy Simulation in hydraulics

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