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Dr Xiaohong Li

Senior Lecturer in Energy Storage


Telephone: 01326 255769

Dr Xiaohong Li received her BSc in Organic Chemistry in 1990 from Lanzhou University. After experience as an engineer/project manager for PetroChina Ltd, she returned to university to complete her MSc in Analytical Chemistry in 2000 and PhD in Physical Chemistry in 2003 from Lanzhou University and Peking University. Between 2003 and 2013 she had worked in the University of Southampton and appointed as a Senior Consulting Engineer in the Research Institute for Industry. Xiaohong is currently a Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy Group at the University of Exeter, and also a visiting scholar at University of Southampton and at Tsinghua University in China.

Xiaohong’s research interests focus on energy conversion and storage, with an emphasis on redox flow batteries (RFB), anion exchange membrane (AEM) water electrolysers for hydrogen production, and nanoscale materials for electrocatalysis. She is currently the principal investigator of an EPSRC project of Zinc-Nickel Redox Flow Battery for Energy Storage and the principal investigator at the University of Exeter side for an EU Interreg 2 Seas project of E2C Electrons to high value Chemical products. She had made major contribution to the Innovate UK projects of Redox Flow Cells for Intelligent Grid Management and Development of a Novel Low-Cost Alkaline Hydrogen Electrolyser, and EU-FP7 project of POWAIR Zinc-Air Flow Batteries for Electrical Power Distribution Networks. She is the author of 80 research papers including 5 invited review papers in the area of RFB technology and AEM water electrolyser for hydrogen production. Xiaohong is also members of Science Board of the EPSRC Energy Storage Supergen Hub, British Standards Institution, International Society of Electrochemistry, and Energy Institute.

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