Photo of Mr David Trudgeon

Mr David Trudgeon

Postdoctoral Research Associate


David is a graduate of the University of Exeter Renewable Energy degree who went to study his PhD in energy storage. He is now working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate on the EPSRC project 'Zinc-Nickel Redox Flow Battery for Energy Storage'. Under the supervision of Prof. Xiaohong Li, the research project is based on the development of a zinc-nickel redox flow battery (RFB). The zinc-nickel RFB is a membrane free sysem which utilises relatively cheap, abundant and hazard free materials. It therefore has the potential to develop into a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to current RFB technologies. However, the zinc electrode faces two major issues. The first of these is the naturally dendritic morphology of zinc electrdeposited during the charge phase, and the second is the potential for hydogen gas evolution, again during the charge phase.

It is hoped that through the utilisation of additives to the electrolyte, design of the electrode substrate, and optimisation of the electrolyte flow regime, hydrogen evolution can be avoided and zinc morphology controlled whilst maintaining or improving zinc electrode stability and performance. The ultimate goal of the research is to further the development of the zinc electrode utilised in several battery systems and, more specifically, to facilitate the development of the zinc-nickel RFB system in order to provide an efficient and cost effective energy storage solution for grid scale applications.