Prof Alastair P Hibbins

Professor in Metamaterial Physics


Telephone: 01392 722100

Extension: (Streatham) 2100

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Professor Alastair Hibbins is Associate Professor in Metamaterial Physics. Prior to this he was appointed as a Lecturer in Physics / Electromagnetics / Photonics / Plasmonics at the University of Exeter in April 2007. In October 2004 he was awarded a prestigious EPSRC Advanced Fellowship with the aim of modelling the electromagnetic response of­ building, and characterising a wide range of photonic microstructured devices for use a­t microwave frequencies. Before this he continued (after his Ph.D.) to undertake microwave studies of photonic structures as a member of the same research group.

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His research explores the interaction of both microwaves and sound with matter and his interests lie in how this interaction can be manipulated using so called “metamaterials”.  Metamaterials are composite materials with properties unavailable in nature (e.g. negative refractive index), and which owe their properties to their subwavelength-scale structure, not just the materials from which they are comprised.  Closely associated with this research is the subject of transformation optics, a set of tools that leads to designs for cloaking and other exotic effects requiring metamaterials for their realisation. We are developing electromagnetic and acoustic metamaterials, and also two dimensional “meta-surfaces” with novel properties and potential applications that include stealth materials, ultra-thin absorbers, compact antennas and electronic tagging.

Alastair is a member of the Hash House Harriers, an international group of non-competitive and social cross country running clubs.  “Hashing” is similar to a paper chase, with origins in Malaysia in the 1930’s, but he runs every Sunday morning with the “City of Exeter H3” chapter.



Administrative responsibilities

Admissions Tutor Physics and Astronomy
Assistant Director of Education, Year 1 undergraduate programmes in Physics and Astronomy
Co-director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Metamaterials


BSc in Physics, University of Exeter (1996)
PhD in Physics, University of Exeter (2000)