Photo of  Cameron Patrick Gallagher

Cameron Patrick Gallagher

Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2014)


Telephone: (Lab) 01392 724187

Extension: (Streatham - Lab) 4187

Final year Post-Graduate Researcher with the CDT group specialised in metamaterial research. I have submitted my thesis which is related to determining the domain structure and microwave characteristics of particulate magnetic composites, with the aim of using 'onion skin' microparticles to better understand the way in which magnetic domains are formed and how they may be utilised to increase the frequency at which significant permeability may be acheived.

Graduated from The University of Exeter with a Masters in Physics in 2014 with research on acoustic metamaterials; developing a method for quickly and effectively characterising acoustic metasurfaces by plotting the dispersion relation from phase data recorded at different positions along said surfaces. This gave a fast way of looking at the manner in which multiple different frequencies of sound travel across different surfaces and also led to the development of a pulse modification technique that allowed cheaper equipment to be used for characterisation with ungainly resonances being better accounted for.

My current research has led to again improving a characterisation technique. this time for microwave characterisation. A long understood measurement technique, using a stripline as the transmission line, has been modified and improved such that materials may have their permittivity and permeability extracted across broadband frequencies with single measurements. This characterisation technique is currently being used for the purposes of investigating spherical magnetic modes in micron- and nano-sized ferromagnetic powders.