Photo of Dr Matthew Eyre

Dr Matthew Eyre

Lecturer in Mining Engineering Intelligent Mining


Telephone: 01326 371855

Telephone: 01326 371855 

Research Interests

My research interests are established around electronic and computer control, while exploring various surveying methodologies to accurately control and evaluate engineering problems.  This includes remote sensing and subsequent 3D modelling to aid in the accurate recording, virtual reconstruction and control of mining and industrial processes. The resultant datasets can then be incorporated into a magnitude of different software applications to improve safety and the efficiency of operations. Previous work has included the reconstruction of major incidents in the mining and industrial sectors, exploring the capability of the latest software and technological advancements. Reconstructed virtual models have been used to establish the root cause of the event and engineer specific controls in an accurate virtual environment to prevent reoccurrence, working with both experts in the field and from a legal standing. Other research interests include the use of real time immersive virtual environments to evaluate engineering problems otherwise unachievable in the real world, through augmented reality and gaming platforms. Currently, my research post includes exploring 3D captured data and the influence on the mine design process, geotechnical analysis and automation of mining processes to reduce the risk of human interaction while improving efficiency. 


BSc (Hons) Electronic Control Systems

MSc Surveying and Environmental\Land Management

PhD Mining Engineering (Remote Sensing and Accident Investigation)