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Photo of Dr Victor See

Dr Victor See

Associate Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 725571

Extension: (Streatham) 5571

Hi there! My main research interest is understanding how magnetic activity evolves over the lifetime of low-mass stars as well as how this activity may affect exoplanetary habitability. I principally study this topic using magnetograms produced using Zeeman-Doppler imaging (ZDI). This is a technique that can characterise the strength and geometry of the large-scale component of stellar surface magnetic fields. By mapping these fields for a large number of low-mass stars, we can analyse how their magnetic fields vary as a function of fundamental properties such as stellar mass or rotation period. ZDI maps can also be incorporated into stellar wind models. The ability to accurately model stellar winds is a vital task within stellar astrophysics as they are the main agent of angular momentum evolution while stars are on the main sequence.

I am currently an associate research fellow working with Sean Matt on the European Research Council funded project, AWESoMeStars. In this role, I will be using numerical MHD simulations to study the mechanisms responsible for mass-loss from main sequence stars and their spin-down. Previously, I completed an Integrated Masters degree at Imperial College London (UK) and a PhD under the supervision of Moira Jardine at the University of St Andrews (UK).

My full publication history can be found here.