Photo of Dr Thomas  Constant

Dr Thomas Constant

Research Fellow


Telephone: 01392 725696 or 01392 727468 or 01392 726518

Extension: (Streatham) 5696 or (Streatham) 7468 or (Streatham) 6518

I completed my PhD at Exeter University in 2013, working in the Electromagnetics Materials group under the supervision of Prof. Roy Sambles and Prof. Alastair Hibbins.

My thesis focused on the excitation of surface plasmons on broken-symmetry surfaces. The work produced several publications on the control of surface plasmon propagation, on controlling the polarisation selectivity of the surface plasmons, and introduced a new experimental technique to map the equi-energy contours of plasmons on diffracting surfaces.

Since completing my doctorate, I have worked as a post-doc on several projects in electromagnetics, including microwave metamaterials and natural photonics. 

My current work focuses on the nonlinear excitation and measurement of surface plasmons on graphene using ultrafast pulses. This project is part of the GRASP EU project on single-photon graphene plasmonics. This is an exciting and broad project, using a plethora of techniques and wavelengths of light, from terahertz radiation to ultra-vilolet.

I'm a keen (although terrible) footballer, a golfer when I can, and a mostly retired fencer.