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Photo of Dr Cameron Patrick Gallagher

Dr Cameron Patrick Gallagher

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Telephone: (Lab) 01392 724187

Extension: (Streatham - Lab) 4187

I am an experimental physicist in the electromagnetic and acoustic metamaterials group that has developed a speciality in characterisation of composite materials across the microwave region.

I have graduated from Exeter University's CDT for metamaterial research, performing an investigation into the microwave characteristics of particulate magnetic composites. The aim of the project was to use 'onion skin' microparticles to better understand the way in which magnetic domains are formed and how they may be utilised to increase the frequency at which significant permeability may be achieved.

Since graduating I have taken on a role as post-doctoral research fellow at The University of Exeter. I have previously worked on developing a broadband AMC design and am currently interested in improving microwave heating effects in conventional microwave ovens using metasurfaces and metallic susceptors.