Photo of Dr Alba M Paniagua Diaz

Dr Alba M Paniagua Diaz

PhD Project

The title of the PhD is Imaging in turbid and opaque media, and is being supervised by Dr. Jacopo Bertolotti and Prof. Bill Barnes

Random scattering of light in biological media poses a problem for imaging or optical spectroscopy, among others, reducing the penetration depth of light in the medium. As a result, these techniques are limited to work near the surface of the material. Over the last few years, important developments in wavefront shaping techniques have shown the possibility to control the scattered light from such media, although a complete understanding of the underlying physics is still missing.

The overall aim of this project is to exploit the properties of scattering media to improve existing techniques already limited by the randomly scattered light.

One of its more straightforward applications lies in biomedical imaging, where being able to increase the penetration depth of light for spectroscopy or retrieving high resolution images through highly scattering media using visible light, is of great importance.