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Mr Daniel Joe Griffin



Telephone: 01392 725280

Extension: (Streatham) 5280

After obtaining my MMath degree from the University of Exeter, I joined as a postgraduate researcher in September 2014, and am working with Professor John Thuburn on the extension of the Met Office's ENDGame (Even Newer Dynamics for General Atmospheric Modelling of the Environment) dynamical core into the thermosphere.

Currently, ENDGame is able to simulate the atmosphere and remain stable with a top boundary of ~100km. However, the simulation does not currently remain stable if the top boundary is lifted higher than this. This seems to be because of the simulation of fast vertically propagating acoustic waves behaving unphysically in the thermosphere. The cause of this may be the numerics not handling fast processes very well, the model missing physics that becomes more important in the thermosphere, or some combination of the two. Throughout my PhD, I will be learning about and implementing new physical processes and numerical methods into ENDGame in order to improve its representation of acoustic waves and to improve its stability with higher top boundaries. The ultimate aim is to develop ENDGame into a whole atmosphere model that can simulate the Earth's atmosphere from the surface to the exobase at ~600km. A whole atmosphere version of ENDGame will eventually be useful for the Met Office to use in space weather forecasting.